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What We Do

This young and dynamic company was founded in 2010.

The company was founded by Mr David Setterfield BSc.

David has over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing, marketing administration and management of sales professionals worldwide.

For a young player earning a living in golf life is a minefield, there are more mistakes to be made, not all on the golf course, than can be possibly imagined.

By smoothing out the administrative and marketing difficulties for a player, they can concentrate on their game without outside worries, and that is essential if they are to be successful.

Golf on tour is a job and should be treated as a job. There is no way that faced with the amount of travel that is involved nowadays and the amount of practice that is essential to stay competitive on tour that a player who by definition is not a business administrator marketer or salesman, can keep there affairs in order or to promote themselves.

Worrying about a hotel or flight ticket is not helpful when you should be concentrating on your game.

The quality of player in the Setters Sports stable and the results we want to achieve show that our philosophy is right for them, when I started the firm I wanted the players to feel like a small family and I don’t want to lose the feeling of being a family as we grow.


Our Clients will receive a complete management service, covering every aspect of their lives.