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Player Management

Competition administration – Managing Payments, entries, withdrawals, membership forms.


Touring Logistical requirement’s – Managing Travel, accommodation and itinerary management.


Schedule Management – The Company works with players in planning and structuring their optimum tournament schedule.


Self-care - Help with health, fitness, diet and lifestyle, furthermore we work with each player to ensure they make optimum use of their time in the off-season and during free weeks between tournaments.


Career management - Setters Sports endeavours to put the right backroom team and structures in place to maximise each player’s ability to reach peak performance on the golf course. To include coaching and sports psychology. To aid attitude, confidence and belief.


Commercial Management - We will work on the player’s behalf to maximise commercial revenue through the sourcing and negotiation of sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. Not only do we source and negotiate sponsorship contracts on behalf of our players, but our team work’s hard to deliver value for all our players sponsors by proactively managing the player-sponsor relationship.


Media and PR Management – Setters Sports believes in building strong relationships with the sports and local media, both on behalf of our players as a group and individually. The company undertakes to manage and proactively develop each player’s public profile through the media.


Financial and Legal services – Setters sports can provide all of its professional golf clients with a full suite of financial management services, This includes providing the players with a premium range of insurance, banking, taxation, pension and investment advisory services.


The company’s “hands on approach” allows the players to concentrate on the most important element of their career –their performance.